Establishment of State Committee for the Examination of Russian Impacts on internal Security in Poland

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Information Guide concerning the setting up in 2023 of a National Committee to investigate Russian political influence in Poland.

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Poland's Parliament adopted on 26 May 2023 a Bill seeking to establish a commission aimed at investigating Russian political influence in the country between 2007 and 2022. This period covers the government led by the Civic Platform (PO) party led by Donald Tusk, as well as the incumbent cabinets led by Law and Justice (PiS) party. The vote overturned the Senate's initial rejection of the proposed legislation, and it was followed by the formal endorsement of the country's President on 30 May.

The establishment of this commission was met with concern and criticism both within borders and among allies in the Western world. The government's opposition deemed it a political witch hunt aimed at hurting it ahead of parliamentary elections later in the year.

The European Commission showed concerns over the use of this law to prevent individuals to run for public office, without fair trial. On 8 June, an infringement procedure (INFR(2023)2088) was launched against Poland - through a letter of formal notice - for violations of EU law in regard to this committee.

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