Estonian parliamentary election, March 2023

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Information Guide focusing on the legislative election held in Estonia on 5 March 2023.

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The 101 seats of Estonia's national Parliament (Riigikogu) are elected by proportional representation in twelve multi-member constituencies. Political parties are required to pass a nationwide threshold of 5% percent, but if the number of votes cast for an individual candidate exceeds or equals that quota, they can still be elected.

The date of the election was announced by the country's President in November 2022. Nine political parties and 11 independent candidates ran in the election. The electoral campaign focused on the rising cost of living, as well as on the staunch support provided by Estonia to Ukraine in the war against Russia. Pre-electoral polls suggested the growth of the country's far-right EKRE, and potentially complex post-election negotiations to form a stable government.

The election eventually led to a clear victory for incumbent centre-right Reformierakond (Reform Party) of Prime Minister Kaja Kallas (31,2%). Ms Kallas also broke the record of most voted individual candidate in an Estonian parliamentary election. EKRE became the main opposition party in Parliament (16,1%), despite it actually decreasing the vote share when compared to the previous election. Keskerakond (Centre Party) also suffered relevant losses, coming third overall (15,3%). The election resulted in centre-right Eesti 200 entering the Parliament for the first time. Analysts suggested the latter could become a further option for Ms Kallas ahead of coalition talks.

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