EU Budget 2011. Financial Report

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Publication Date 2012
ISBN 978-92-79-24938-9
ISSN 1830-7280
EC KV-AI-12-001-EN-C
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This report contains four sections: overview, revenue, expenditure and annexes.

Section I presents an overview of EU finances in 2011. It introduces the multiannual financial framework (MFF), including its role and structure and the specific activities that take place under the annual budgetary procedure. The section ends with a short description of the way the EU budget is managed.

Section II provides information on the budget revenue and describes the EU budget’s own resources. It also explains a number of particularities such as the UK correction, other revenue and donations.

Section III represents the main part of the report, covering the expenditure part of the EU budget grouped by heading (category) according to the current MFF. The text includes information on the main programmes as well as on the expenditure allocations by Member State. This section also familiarises the reader with the expenditure methodology.

Section IV consists of six annexes which provide detailed information, with figures and charts on the past MFF (2000–06) and on the current one (2007–13).

The annexes also show the expenditure and revenue by heading, source type and Member State, for the period 2000–13, as well as the methodology and calculation of the operating budgetary balances in Annex 3. Recoveries and financial corrections are detailed in Annex 4, while Annex 5 summarises the borrowing and lending activities. The last annex is a glossary with the main terminology of the report explained in plain language

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