EU-China – A strategic outlook

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Joint Communication presented on 12 March 2019 by the European Commission and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs, reviewing the relationship between the European Union and China, as well as related opportunities and challenges.

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This Communication aims to launch a debate on the bilateral relations between China and the European Union, amidst an understanding that a shift occurred in the balance between opportunities and challenges in those relations. The document sets out a set of ten actions, subject to discussion and endorsement by the European Council. It was also subject to an exchange of views by the Council of the European Union on 18 March.

The European Commission argues for three key aims when reviewing the relations between the EU and China:

  • Deepening of the EU's engagement with China, based on clearly defined interests and principles;
  • Seeking more balanced and reciprocal conditions governing the economic relationship;
  • Adapting internally to changing economic realities by strengthening own domestic policies and industrial base.
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