EU climate change policy. The challenge of new regulatory initiatives

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Publication Date 2006
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This book explores the current policy measures adopted by the EU in order to realize its Kyoto Protocol commitment and to prepare for further emission reductions after 2012.

EU Climate Change Policy focuses on legal instruments, with emissions trading at the forefront of the policy package, accompanied by directives on energy taxation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Distinguished authors provide a commentary on each aspect of the policy measures, discussing both theoretical and practical aspects. Overall, it is concluded that whilst EU policy is very ‘green’, it needs to be developed further in a comprehensive and meaningful way.

With discussions on the current state of affairs of EU climate change policy, and on the issues that may shape its future agenda, this book will be of interest to academics, civil servants, students and stakeholders.

Part I: Introduction
1. Key Challenges of EU Climate Change Policy: Competences, Measures and Compliance - Kurt Deketelaere and Marjan Peeters
2. Climate Change: The International and European Policy Framework - Marc Pallemaerts and Rhiannon Williams
3. The European Union, Russia and the Kyoto Protocol - Wybe Th. Douma

Part II: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Within the EU
4. Reviewing the Challenging Task Faced by Member States in Implementing the Emissions Trading Directive: Issues of Member State Liability - Mar Campins Eritja
5. A Level Playing Field? Initial Allocation of Allowances in Member States - Bettina Schmitt-Rady
6. Linking the Project Based Mechanisms with the EU ETS: the Present State of Affairs and Challenges Ahead - Javier de Cendra de Larragán
7. Emissions Trading and the Aarhus Convention: A Proportionate Symbiosis? - Karen MacDonald and Zen Makuch
8. The IPPC Permit and the Greenhouse Gas Permit - Birgitte Egelund Olsen
9. Enforcement of the EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme - Marjan Peeters
10. A Decade of Emissions Trading in the USA: Experiences and Observations for the EU - George (Rock) Pring
11. Climate Change Taxes, Emission Trading, and International Trade Law - Geert van Calster

Part III: Energy and Climate Change Measures
12. EU Energy Policy and Legislation under Pressure since the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol? - Véronique Bruggeman and Bram Delvaux
13. Energy Taxation within the EU - Manfred Rosenstock
14. Critical Issues in Implementing Energy Taxation - Claudia Dias Soares

Part IV: Good Governance for Climate Change: Reflections and Perspectives
15. Some Reflections on the EU Mix of Instruments on Climate Change - Ludwig Krämer
16. Good Governance and Climate Change: Recommendations from a North–South Perspective - Joyeeta Gupta

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