EU development cooperation. From model to symbol

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Publication Date 2004
ISBN 0-7190-6298-5
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This work collectively examines and evaluates trends in overall patterns of development policy since 1957. It is comprised of contributions from an impressive group of professionals and academics engaged in the development arena.

The editors open with a comprehensive background paper and introduction. The second chapter examines the influence of the World Bank on EU development cooperation policy, while the influence of trade liberalisation on EU trade preferences is the scope of chapter three. The evolution and content of EU relations with the ACP, the Mediterranean, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe are explored in chapter four. Chapter five features the intrusion of security issues into the development arena and the evolution of more complex political emergencies. Changes within the EU by way of membership and increased integration are discussed in chapter six, which offers criticism of the internal preoccupation which inhibits an outward looking approach to development policy. Chapter seven examines the role of France and French interests in EU development policy and the approach France has in fashioning EU development policy to complement its own continued interest in Africa. The bureaucracy and politics of EU aid are the focus of chapter eight which highlights the limiting factors of interdepartmental conflict at Commission Directorate and Commissioner levels. Chapter nine presents a forward looking view of the progress and changes made to EU development policy since the idea of the book was conceived.

The book will interest students and academics in the fields of EU integration and development studies, EU politics, and International Relations.

Karin Arts is Associate Professor in International Law and Development at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. Anna K. Dickson is Lecturer in International Relations in the Politics Department of the University of Durham.

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