EU law after Lisbon

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Publication Date 2012
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Many of the most controversial areas of reform initiated by the Lisbon Treaty were not negotiated in the Treaty itself, but left to be resolved during its implementation. Since the Treaty's entry into force, the implementation process has already had a profound impact on many areas of EU law and policy, and consolidated new areas of power, such as over foreign investment.

This collection gathers leading specialists in the field to analyse the Treaty's implementation and the directions of legal reform post-Lisbon.

Drawing on a range of expertise to assess and comment on the Treaty, the contributors include both academics and practitioners involved in negotiating and implementing the Treaty. Focusing on the central issues and changes resulting from the Lisbon Treaty, the contributors examine the Treaty in the broader background of how the EU, and EU law in particular, has been developing in recent years and provide a contextual understanding of the future direction of EU law in the post-Lisbon era.


1. From Laeken to Lisbon: The Origins and Negotiation of the Lisbon Treaty - Paul Berman
2. The Two (or Three) Treaty Solution: The New Treaty Structure of the EU - Marise Cremona
3. Lawmaking after Lisbon - Alexander H Türk
4. Does the Lisbon Treaty Provide a Clearer Separation of Competences between EU and Member States? - Lucia Serena Rossi
5. Treaty Revision Procedures after Lisbon - Bruno De Witte
6. 'Don't mention divorce at the wedding, darling!': EU Accession and Withdrawal after Lisbon - Allan F Tatham
7. The Charter of Fundamental Rights - David Anderson & Cian C Murphy
8. Accession to the ECHR - Giorgio Gaja

9. The Lisbon Treaty and the Court of Justice - Francis G Jacobs
10. Subsidiarity in the Courtroom - Andrea Biondi
11. The European Union after the Lisbon Treaty: An Elusive 'Institutional Balance'? - Thomas Christiansen
12. The Evolving Roles of the European Parliament and of National Parliaments - Richard Corbett

13. The EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy after Lisbon: From Pillar Talk to Constitutionalism - Piet Eeckhout
14. The Reform of the Common Commercial Policy - Markus Krajewski
15. Towards an EU Policy on Foreign Direct Investment - Piet Eeckhout & Federico Ortino

16. EU Competence in Criminal Law after Lisbon - Ester Herlin- Karnell
17. Writing straight with crooked lines: Competition Policy and Services of General Economic Interest in the Treaty of Lisbon - José Luis Buendia Sierra
18. Energy Policy after Lisbon - Leigh Hancher & Francesco Maria Salerno
19. EU Sports Law: The Effect of the Lisbon Treaty - Stephen Weatherill

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