EU Law Questions & Answers, 10th ed.

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Publication Date 2015
ISBN 978-0-19-871577-1
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Written by experienced examiners, the Q&As offer expert advice on what to expect from your exam, how best to prepare, and guidance on what examiners are really looking for. Revision isn't always plain sailing, but the Q&As will allow you to approach your exams with confidence.

Q&As will help you succeed by:
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- giving you model answers for up to 50 essay and problem-based questions
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- helping you to avoid common mistakes
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- teaching you how to use your existing knowledge to convey exactly what the examiner is looking for
- directing you to related further reading


1: Introduction
2: The origins, institutions and development of the Union and the legislative processes
3: The sources, forms, and individual remedies of EU law
4: The supremacy of EU law and its reception in the Member States
5: The jurisdiction of the Court of Justice
6: The free movement of goods
7: The free movement of persons
8: Competition and merger law
9: Sex discrimination and equality law

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