EU Law: Text, Cases, and Materials (5th edition)

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Publication Date 2011
ISBN 978-0-19-957699-9
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The fifth edition of this textbook provides analysis of all aspects of all aspects of European Union (EU) law in the post-Lisbon era. It looks in detail at the way in which the Treaty of Lisbon has radically changed both the institutional and substantive law of the European Union.

Many of the chapters have been substantially or wholly rewritten, including those on key areas such as Institutions, Legal Instruments and the Hierarchy of Norms, Competences, and Legislation and Decision-Making. All of the chapters have been revised to take account of developments in case law and legislation, and to make students aware of cutting edge academic debates. There is in addition a new chapter on EU Criminal Law.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Development of European Integration
  2. Institutions
  3. Competence
  4. Instruments and the Hierarchy of Norms
  5. Legislation and Decision-Making
  6. New Forms of Governance
  7. The Nature and Effect of EU Law: Direct Effect and Beyond
  8. The Application of EU Law: Remedies in National Courts
  9. The Relationship between EU Law and National Law: Supremacy
  10. EU International Relations Law
  11. Human Rights in the EU
  12. Enforcement Action against Member States
  13. Preliminary Rulings
  14. Review of Legality: Access
  15. Review of Legality: Grounds of Review
  16. Damages Actions and Money Claims
  17. The Single Market
  18. Free Movement of Goods: Duties, Charges, and Taxes
  19. Free Movement of Goods: Quantitative Restrictions
  20. Free Movement of Capital and Economic and Monetary Union
  21. Free Movement of Workers
  22. Freedom of Establishment and to Provide Services
  23. Citizenship of the European Union
  24. Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination
  25. AFSJ: EU Criminal Law
  26. Competition Law: Article 101
  27. Competition Law: Article 102
  28. Competition Law: Mergers
  29. The State and the Common Market

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