EU Rural Review | Number 10 (2011)

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Series Title
Series Details Number 10
Publication Date December 2011
ISSN 1831-5267
EC K3-AJ-12-010-EN-C
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Rural entrepreneurship


  • Foreword
  • Rural Focus
  • daring to succeed: unlocking the potential of rural entrepreneurship
  • Rural Development
  • Emerging sectors of rural entrepreneurship
  • Social aspects of rural entrepreneurship in Italy
  • Drivers of entrepreneurship - how to overcome obstacles
  • Rural world
  • Rural entrepreneurship and EU accession policies
  • Rural Insight
  • Sharing knowledge and experience between RDPS
  • Rural Citizens
  • An engineer turned farmer in Cyprus
  • Empowering local communities in Lithuania
  • Rural Research
  • Territorial aspects of enterprise development in remote rural areas: The Tera project
  • Developing the entrepreneurial skills of Europe's farmers: The ESOF project
  • Rural Development Perspectives
  • View on rural entrepreneurship


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