EU Rural Review | Number 2 (2009)

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Series Details Number 2
Publication Date December 2009
ISSN 1831-5267
EC K3-AJ-09-002-EN-C
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Creativity and Innovation in EU Rural Development


  • Foreword
  • Rural innovation: Embracing change as an opportunity
  • Axis 1: Supporting creativity & innovation in EU farm, food and forest sectors
  • Axis 2: Innovative and creative environmental management solutions
  • Axis 3: Creativity and innovation for rural diversification and quality of life
  • Axis 4: Innovative local development strategies and programmes
  • Innovation in Germany's Allgau: A region promoting its pioneers
  • Facilitation and dialogue leads to innovation
  • Quotes about innovation from EU rural development practitioners
  • Partners in EU rural development
  • Cohesion policy, creativity and innovation in rural areas
  • DG environment: Life and rural innovation
  • 'Catalyst for change' aids Europe's rural areas
  • DG information society & media in rural areas
  • Reducing the urban-rural gap in information and communication technology
  • European research and rural development, a marriage of convenience
  • EU research support for innovation and creativity in rural areas
  • Cost 51: Integrating innovation and development within EU forestry
  • International perspectives on rural innovation and creativity
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