EU Rural Review | Number 20 (2015)

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Series Details Number 20
Publication Date October 2015
ISSN 1831-5267
EC KF-AJ-15-020-EN-C
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Getting Rural Development Programmes Going


More than half a billion people live in the European Union. Every one of these EU citizens can benefit from rural development policy outcomes that produce better quality food, as well as a vibrant and healthy countryside where people can live, work and visit. Member States’ Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) act as a valuable source of assistance to facilitate such outcomes.



  • Getting Rural Development Programmes going
  • Improving Implementation of rural development policy
  • Keeping RDPs focused on their agreed outcomes
  • Simplifying RDP implementation: why and how
  • Boosting financial performance by reducing errors
  • Financial instruments: making funding go further
  • Launching Operational Groups
  • Further advice and information inventory
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