EU Rural Review | Number 25 (2018)

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Series Details Number 25
Publication Date April 2018
ISSN 1831-5321
EC KF-AJ-17-002-EN-N
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Resource efficiency


This issue of the EU Rural Review explores the resource efficiency challenge and examines what the concept of ‘doing more with less’ means for rural development. It highlights how rural areas can become more resource‑efficient and is focused exclusively on water and soil management.

The issue overviews resource-efficient rural practices and highlights how the EU's rural development policy can be best used to support an improved management of natural resources. Additionally, it profiles the EU's LIFE programme whose pilot projects provide many inspiring examples of sustainable practices that can be replicated by the agricultural and other rural business sectors.


  • The resource efficiency challenge
  • Water-efficient rural activities
  • Soil and carbon conservation
  • The LIFE programme and rural development
  • Integrated approaches
  • Improving resource efficiency through the RDPs
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