EU Rural Review | Number 4 (2010)

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Series Details Number 4
Publication Date May 2010
ISSN 1831-5267
EC K3-AJ-10-004-EN-C
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Climate action


  • Foreword
  • Rural development and climate change
  • Implications from the Copenhagen summit
  • The role of rural development policy in tackling climate change: Climate-related actions in the RDPS
  • Specific examples of rural development programme contributions to tackling climate change
  • Climate change effects and climate-related rural development programme support in Spain
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation measures for Nordic rural areas
  • Climate change and rural areas in South East Europe
  • Changing weather patterns in Poland's countryside: Rural development responses
  • Austrian wood cluster solutions to economic and climate change challenges
  • Domino effect boots outputs from agri-environment actions in Italy's Aso valley
  • Czech centre demonstrates climate-conscious development
  • Adagio: assisting agricultural adaptation to new climate conditions
  • Clivagri: Improving knowledge about the impacts of climate change o European agriculture
  • Measuring climate change actions: The evaluation expert network perspective
  • EU neighbours: Rural climate change actions from the Ukraine, North Africa and Iceland
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