EU sanctions to exclude Russia from capital markets

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Reports for the period 24 - 28 July 2014 covering the continuing developments in Ukraine following the downing of a Malaysian airliner in an area of eastern Ukraine held by Russian-backed separatists on 17 July 2014.

EU ambassadors (COREPER) met on the 24 July 2014 to discuss options to curb Russian access to capital markets, arms and energy technology in response to the downing of a Malaysian airliner in an area of eastern Ukraine held by Russian-backed separatists on 17 July 2014 [please check ESO Background information links for more sources]. Such talks would continue on the following day.

Jan Hofmeyr from the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation considered in an article published by EurActiv on the 25 July that the Baltic states would feel a strong impact from the sanctions imposed against Russia.

In the meantime, General Philip Breedlove, NATO's top commander in Europe, proposed that the Polish city of Szczecin expanded its existing base to help the military alliance respond faster to any threat posed by Russia. Several senior German lawmakers also raised the possibility of stripping Russia of its right to host the 2018 World Cup.

However, EU ambassador to Russia Vygaudas Ušackas welcomed Moscow’s decision to back the UN Security Council resolution on the Boeing crash in eastern Ukraine, which was presented on the 21 July 2014

A meeting of the EU's Committee of Permanent Representatives on the 25 July 2014 concluded that legislative texts should be prepared for all four areas presented in a draft paper by the European Commission: restricting access to EU capital markets for Russian state-owned banks and companies, as well as banning trade in arms, sensitive technologies and goods that can be used both for civilian and military purposes.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on the 26 July 2014 that the proposed new EU sanctions against it over the Ukraine crisis would jeopardise security co-operation against terrorism.

On the 27 July 2014 the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that his government had dropped its plans to send a military mission to secure the site of the crash of the plane. ‘We have to state that a military mission could lead to an escalation, to a dangerous situation, and that could get in the way of our main target, that of bringing back the victims.’

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