EU space programmes Galileo and Copernicus: services launched, but the uptake needs a further boost

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Series Details 7/2021, Number 7
Publication Date April 2021
ISBN 978-92-847-5923-1
ISSN 1977-5679
EC QJ-AB-21-007-EN-N
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The global navigation satellite system Galileo and the Copernicus Earth observation programme are flagships of the EU space policy. They provide valuable services that enable more accurate navigation and timing and deliver valuable data about the Earth.

There is, however, no comprehensive strategy yet for promoting the uptake of these services and no conceptual statistical framework to reliably assess the benefits of the programmes.

We found shortcomings in the monitoring of uptake and noted that some key features of Galileo are not yet available. The objectives and the impact of several key actions supporting the uptake of the services provided by Galileo and Copernicus were not clear, and the Commission has only partly taken advantage of the potential to promote these services in EU legislation or standards.

We make recommendations to remedy these issues.

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