EU Strategy for COVID-19 vaccines

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Publication Date 17/06/2020
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Communication published by the European Commission on 17 June 2020, setting out a strategy aimed at accelerating the development, manufacturing and deployment of vaccines against COVID-19 (coronavirus).

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This strategy sets out a joint approach for the European Union (EU) and builds on the mandate received by the Council of the European Union. The Commission vows to support efforts to accelerate the development and availability of safe and effective vaccines in a timeframe between 12 and 18 months, if not earlier. The strategy builds on an earlier step towards joint action, which was taken in the formation of an Inclusive Vaccines Alliance (IVA) by France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

The Strategy has the following objectives:

  • Ensuring the quality, safety and efficacy of vaccines;
  • Securing swift access to vaccines for Member States and their populations while leading the global solidarity effort;
  • Ensuring equitable access to an affordable vaccine as early as possible.

The Strategy rests on the following two pillars: security the production of vaccines in the European Union and sufficient supplies for its Member States through Advance Purchase Agreements with vaccine producers via the Emergency Support Instrument; adapting the EU's regulatory framework to the sanitary emergency and making use of existing regulatory flexibility to accelerate developments, authorisation and availability of vaccines while maintaining standards for quality, safety and efficacy.

The Strategy and related initiatives were subject to debate with the European Parliament's relevant committee on 22 June.

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