EU-Turkey Statement on refugees under strain over tension along Greek border

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Reports and analyses relating to rising tension between Turkey and the European Union (EU) in early 2020 relating to a threat by Turkish authorities to no longer prevent refugees placed in the country from crossing the borders into the European Union.

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Turkish authorities threatened in late February 2020 to 'open the gates' and allow refugees - many of them displaced due to the armed conflict in Syria - to cross the borders into neighbouring Bulgaria and Greece, both part of the European Union (EU). The situation unfolded in the context of Turkey's operation in northwestern Syria, which opposes it and the Syrian regime (backed by Russia) - an airstrike on 27 February had killed a number of Turkish soldiers. Media outlets and analysts saw the Turkish threat to open its European borders as a way to apply pressure on European stakeholders and NATO to support Turkey's effort in Syria.

Bulgaria and Greece vowed not to allow refugees into their territory, further adding to the tension and resulting in clashes with migrants already expecting to find an open border into Europe. The Greek Prime Minister accused Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of trying to use the refugees to 'blackmail' the European Union. The decision was also seen as contravening an agreement between Turkey and the European Union on refugees, signed in 2016 (also known as 2016 EU-Turkey Statement).

On 3 March, leaders from the main EU institutions travelled to the Greek-Turkish border - which is also an external border of the European Union - and pledged their full support to the two Member States directly affected by the situation. A number of bilateral interactions also took place between the Turkish President and European national leaders. The Council of the European Union held a meeting on 4 March to discuss the situation at the EU's external borders, and again on 6 March in which a Statement was adopted. This Statement acknowledges the increased migratory burden and risks Turkey faced on its territory and the effort made in hosting millions of migrants of refugees. However, it rejects the use of migratory pressure for political purposes and shows solidarity with the Member States most directly affected by it as they try to protect the EU's external borders.

A meeting between the leaders of Turkey and the European Union was held on 9 March, in an attempt to launch a dialogue to reduce tensions. On 18 March, Turkey decided to close its borders with Bulgaria and Greece due to fears relating to the coronavirus outbreak. In mid-April, the European Commission and the Greek authorities kicked off the relocation of unaccompanied children from Greece to elsewhere in the European Union under a plan unveiled the month before to support the country facing pressure from migration.

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties committee held a debate on 6 July 2020 concerning the methods used by Greek police and guards in keeping migrants from crossing the border. The discussion followed reports that violence was being used by Greek authorities to push back migrants.

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