EUNAVFOR MED Operation Sophia: mandate extended by one year, two new tasks added

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Extension and reinforcement of the mandate of the EUNAVFOR MED 'Operation Sophia', which was decided by the Council of the European Union in 2016.

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EUNAVFOR MED 'Operation Sophia' is the European Union's naval operation to disrupt the business model of human smugglers and traffickers in the Southern Central Mediterranean.

The Council of the European Union decided on 20 June 2016 to extend until 27 July 2017 the mandate of the EUNAVFOR MED 'Operation Sophia', and to reinforce the operation's mandate by adding two supporting tasks. Two new supporting tasks were added to the Operation's mandate: training of the Libyan coastguards and navy and contributing to the implementation of the UN arms embargo on the high seas off the coast of Libya. This decision followed up on a set of conclusions adopted by the Council earlier in the year.

The Political and Security Committee (PSC) authorised the Operation to begin the two additional tasks on 30 August 2016.

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Council of the European Union: Press Release, 30/08/2016: EUNAVFOR MED Operation Sophia authorised to start two additional supporting tasks

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