Eurojust meeting on counter-terrorism. Outcome report: 17-18 November 2021

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Publication Date 2022
ISBN 978-92-9490-766-0
EC QP-03-22-009-EN-N
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The 2021 European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (Eurojust) Meeting on Counterterrorism focused on the new EU legal framework for addressing the dissemination of terrorist content online, recent terrorist trends and cases of left-wing and right-wing extremism and terrorism, judicial and non-judicial responses to the threat posed by prison leavers, battlefield evidence and the Council of the European Union’s Counter-Terrorism Action Plan for Afghanistan.

The meeting brought together national correspondents for Eurojust for terrorism matters and judicial practitioners from EU Member States and partner non EU-countries, as well as representatives of EU and international organisations. This document summarizes the discussions held during the meeting.

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