Europe as a Stronger Global Actor. Challenges and Strategic Responses

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Publication Date 2017
ISBN 978-1-349-94944-1
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This book considers the principal challenges facing the European Union, which has been buffeted by a series of profound crises, both internal and external. These range from the future of Ukraine, the Union’s reactions to China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative, how to help stabilise countries to its south, and relations with the United States.

The core argument is that the EU lacks a meta-narrative that could indicate priorities and linkages between the various continental, regional, national and thematic strategies. As a result, the EU often appears to be a confusing and even contradictory actor to many international partners. In response to these challenges the EU needs to develop a deeper sense of strategic awareness and confidence so that it may give a more convincing response to fundamental questions about the Union’s role, purpose and identity in a changing world.

+ Examines the state of the EU’s global relations at a time of internal and external upheaval
+ Argues that the EU suffers from strategic drift
+ Offers some structured suggestions for managing the EU’s global relevance

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