European Air Law Association. Tenth annual conference in Vienna, 6 November 1998

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This publication presents a series of papers given to the European Air Law Association's Tenth Annual Conference which was held in November 1998. The conference examines European Commission legislation within the European air industry. The key issues in 1998 surrounded efforts by the European Commission to reduce monopolies in the air transport market relating to airport practices and airline alliances. Other issues included the review of conditions of carriage and tickets and amendments to regulations over denied boarding compensation. Finally, proposals for the incorporation of Eastern European countries into EU air law and EU competition law are considered.

The conference papers therefore addresses four principal topics: the extension of the European Union competition rules to and from the European Union; denied boarding compensation; airports and abuse of dominant position; and the harmonisation of aviation rules in central and eastern European countries for the creation of a common European aviation area. Contributors are taken from different backgrounds providing perspectives from airlines, airports, legal organisations, consumer organisations and the Commission.

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