European Council addresses illegal migration challenges

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A discussion was held on 28 June 2018 at the European Council summit on the challenges concerning illegal migration into the European Union.

This discussion followed an informal meeting of some EU Member States to address these specific topic. Media reports from the European Council highlighted the deep divisions between Member States on the issue, with a set of conclusions being published only after long hours of discussion.

+ Informal meeting on migration and asylum issues, 24 June 2018

Both occasions were affected by politics with different Member States, like in Germany and Italy.

Further information:

The Council called for further measures to reduce illegal migration and prevent a return to uncontrolled flows. Leaders also agreed that this was a challenge not only for a single EU country, but for Europe as a whole.

Leaders agreed to step up efforts to stop migrant smugglers and carry on their support to the frontline EU countries. It was agreed the increase in support for the North African region and its authorities, as well as improved cooperation with other countries of origin and transit as well as voluntary resettlement.

The Council highlighted the need to fully implement the EU-Turkey Statement, prevent new crossings from Turkey and bring the flows to a halt. EU leaders also agreed to support efforts to prevent illegal migration in the Western Mediterranean.

EU leaders also supported the development of a concept of regional disembarkation platforms for people saved at sea, allowing the quick and safe distinguishing between economic migrants and asylum seekers. They also agreed that on EU territory, those who are saved, should be taken charge of, on the basis of a shared effort, through the transfer in controlled centres. These centres were to be set up in member states, only on a voluntary basis.

The European Council agreed on launching the second tranche of the Facility for Refugees in Turkey and at the same time on transferring €500 million from the 11th EDF reserve to the EU Trust Fund for Africa.

Concerning the internal situation, member states agreed the necessary measures should be taken to prevent secondary movements of asylum seekers and to cooperate with each other to that end.

Finally, EU leaders discussed the reform of EU asylum rules.

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