European Council, Brussels, 28-29 June 2012: Preview: EU could rewrite eurozone budgets

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Articles and features preview the issues discussed at the European Council, Brussels, 28 - 29 June 2012.

In particular, many of the features discuss draft versions of a paper to be submitted by Herman Van Rompuy, European Council President, José Manuel Barroso, European Commission President, Mario Draghi, European Central Bank President, and Jean-Claude Juncker, Chair of the eurogroup of eurozone finance ministers.

The paper 'Towards a genuine Economic and Monetary Union' (made publicly available on the 26 June 2012) was in response to a recognition from eurozone leaders in May 2012 that the economic union had to be strengthened in order to make it commensurate with the monetary union in the eurozone.

Separately, EurActiv reported that EU leaders would adopt a ‘Compact for Growth and Jobs’ at the summit, stressing the importance of restoring economic growth in Europe.

Various sources reported on the 27 June 2012 that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had come out stronger than ever against euro-zone debt sharing, telling a group of FDP parliamentarians the previous day that there would be no euro bonds 'as long as I live'. Her tough stance guaranteed conflict with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and others at the summit.

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