European economic and political issues, III

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 1-56072-908-2
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A third title has now been added to this series published by Nova Science. Much like its two predecessors this book brings together a broad collection of papers under the generic title European Economic and Political Issues.

The papers in this volume are:The European Union's eastward expansion; €140 billion out of thin air: Europe's UMTS-auctions;The European Employment Pact: An analysis of the initiatives and the possibilities of a co-ordinated employment policy; The EU social policy dilemma: Competing economic and social objectives; Location advantages and inter-regional preferences in the European Union; Individual learning: European perspectives; The Common Agricultural Policy: Past, present and future; Open windows of Europe; Restricting wasteful inter-urban government competition for private-sector investment in Britain.

The volume will be useful for students, researchers and professionals interested in a wide range of European topics.

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