European economic history: From mercantilism to Maastricht and beyond

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 87-630-0017-2
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This book provides an economic history of Western Europe, beginning with the developments that took place from Roman times in order to meet the conditions for industrialisation. Having done this the greater part of the book is concerned with economic history from the industrialisation of the 1700s to the present day. The book aims to differ from previous economic histories in that it does not concentrate on the 'three great economies' in Western Europe of Great Britain, France and Germany but includes sections outlining national developments in the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, and Japan. Most tables also include Austria, Finland and Switzerland.

The book is divided into four parts. The first part outlines pre-industrial Western Europe up to 1750 with the second part entitled 'The Growth of Industrial Society' covering a further period up until 1914. This covers the effects of the French Revolution, outlines the development of machinery and its effect on industry, and covers the build up to the First World War. The third part, 'The Great Showdown', outlines the effects of the two world wars, the economic instabilities that arose from them, and the re-adjustment that was needed with the emergence of the two superpowers of the USA and the Soviet Union. Part four, 'Reconstruction and Years of High Growth 1945-1973' covers the international co-operation that developed in the post-war years, the Marshall Plan and the period of economic growth from 1950-1973. Part five outlines the history of the European Community and its predecessors followed by a final chapter that covers economic developments from 1973 to the present.

The book aims to be a textbook for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Ejvind Damsgaard Hansen is Senior Lecturer in Economics and Economic History at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

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