European Economic Integration and Social Cohesion

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Publication Date 2014
ISBN 978-0-415-73403-5
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This book explores the interrelationship between neoliberal economic policies within the European Union (EU), particularly across the Eurozone countries, and the decline in social cohesion exemplified by the rise in support for political parties of the extreme right.

+ 1. Neoliberal economics and social cohesion
+ Part I Weakening the bonds of social cohesion
+ 2. Discrimination within the EU
+ 3. The spectre of the extreme right in Europe
+ Part II Neoliberal economics and social cohesion
+ 4. Neoliberal economic philosophy and policy
+ 5. Electoral performance of the extreme right
+ Part III Towards the economics of social cohesion
+ 6. Solutions to the euro crisis
+ 7. Progressive social forces at national and European levels
+ 8. Developing alternative policies for social cohesion
+ 9. Conclusion

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