European environmental law

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Publication Date 1994
ISBN 978-1-859660-50-8
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The rapid rate of regulation and the wide spectrum of activities and substances now falling under environmental control necessitate a succinct, accurate, and up-to-date text on current European environmental law for legal practitioners and other professionals inside and outside Europe. This work fills that requirement, tempering theoretical discussion with the pressing need of the practitioner to know the state of the law and its application.

Three main sections, entitles The European Natural, Humand and Man-Made Environments, accessibly set out the black letter law on an extremely wide range of matters. Introductions to each section provide capsule overviews of the material. An exhaustive subject index furthers the usefulness of the text as a broad practical resource. This work includes coverage of developments in the effectuation of European environmental law; cases decided by the European Court of Justice and other European courts issuing relevant decisions (such as the European Court of Human Rights); and refence to community legislation (treaty texts and consolidated table of enacted and proposed secondary EC legislation).

Looseleaf, 2 volumes.

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