European Equality Law Review 2016/2

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Series Details 2016/2, Number 2
Publication Date November 2016
ISSN 2443-9606
EC DS-AY-16-002-EN-N
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This is the fourth issue of the biannual European equality law review, produced by the European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination (EELN). This issue provides an overview of legal and policy developments across Europe, and as far as possible reflects the state of affairs from 1 January to 30 June 2016. The aim of the EELN is to provide the European Commission and the general public with independent information regarding gender equality and non-discrimination law, and more specifically the transposition and implementation of the EU equality and non-discrimination directives. These are tense times for everyone who cares about the future of Europe and the advancement of equality and non-discrimination. So far, 2016 has seen many developments that will surely have an impact on these issues. Notably the already existing risk of confusion between nationality, race and religion is being reinforced in the context of the current security situation after the terrorist attacks in several Member States and other European countries.

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