European Equality Law Review 2021/2

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Series Details 2021/2, Number 2
Publication Date November 2021
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EC DS-AY-21-002-EN-N
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This issue opens with three in-depth articles.

  • The first article, by Sara Benedí Lahuerta from University College Dublin, is a comparative analysis of best practices and challenges in respect of pay transparency measures in Belgium, Denmark and Iceland.
  • The second article, by Daniela Mihailova of the Equal Opportunities Initiative Association (Bulgaria), explores the situation of Roma and Traveller communities in Bulgaria, Ireland and Slovakia in relation to healthcare.
  • The final article, by Karolina Kędziora, President of the Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law, and independent expert Maciej Kułak, is a comparative analysis of the evaluations of national non-discrimination law that have been commissioned and/or undertaken by national authorities in recent years in Austria, Belgium, Poland and Sweden.

As in previous issues of this publication, the following section provides an overview of the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the EU and of the European Court of Human Rights. Finally, the section on national developments contains brief summaries of the most important developments in legislation, case law and policy at the national level in the 36 countries covered by the network.

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