European food law, 2nd ed.

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 1-902558-44-8
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European food law was initially driven by economic concerns but is now driven by food safety concerns. Health risks such as BSE and the mass production of foods have created a need for increased safeguards and higher standards. The second edition of this book takes into account the European Commission's White Paper on Food Safety of January 2000 including amendments to legislation in all of its chapters. Each chapter is preceded by a summary of its main points.

The book begins by examining issues surrounding the free movement of goods within EU food law. This is followed by sections on legislation related to food labelling, food hygiene, food quality, food safety, and food additives. Chapter 8 examines foodstuffs produced for specific nutritional uses followed by a chapter on genetically modified foods. Chapter 10 examines the role of, and issues surrounding the European Food Authority, whilst Chapter 11 looks at EU food law within an international context. The final chapter examines penalties, remedies and lobbying. The book includes tables of references to cases and decisions, international agreements and EU legislation and also appendices of relevant official documentation.

The book is aimed primarily at practitioners but would be of use to students of the European Union. Raymond O'Rourke is a renowned specialist in food law and a regular speaker at conferences on food law issues.

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