European Industrial Relations Dictionary, January 2006

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Over decade ago a series of national glossaries of industrial relations terminology was produced. These glossaries were made available online as the EMIRE database at {}. EMIRE was useful not just for the explanations of how aspects of industrial relations worked in different member states but also the translations of the terms. However although EMIRE is still available it is no longer being updated and its content now needs to be used with care as it may no longer accurately reflect the current situation. A new online dictionary has now been launched which contains around 300 of the most frequently used terms in industrial relations at EU level. It is available at {} and contains definitions together with background information, plus links to relevant European legislation and case law. It is to be updated on an annual basis. While it is an extremely useful source, it does not fulfil the translation aid function of the earlier glossaries as it is currently only available in English. The resource is simple to use, offering two approaches. Users can browse alphabetically by letter or search the database using the entire entry for the term or limiting the search to the title only. The wider search will pick up references in the body of other records as well as the main database entry for the term.

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