European Integration and the Western Balkans. European enlargement, domestic challenges and institutional challenges.

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Publication Date 2012
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Through the 1990s, the focus of politics in the Balkans was on conflict and transition, following the communist era. Europeanization and the Western Balkans focuses on the conditions of the country that are challenging to European Integration, and examines the effects of the Stabilization and Association Process (SAP) that attempts to transform the Balkans into a stable and self sufficient democracy.

The book focuses on case studies of different areas and regions to assess the impact of longer term European enlargement strategies. Utilising a comparative approach from other European countries, the book seeks to explain why the EU has been successful in introducing democractic choice at crucial moments of transition, but has largely failed to create a long term institutional stability.

Looking to the future and the implications for policy change, Europeanization and the Western Balkans provides a new focus on this little understood area. The book will be of interest to scholars and students of EU politics and those focusing on the integration process.


Introduction: EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans
1. Europeanization and Institutional Change in the Balkans Arolda Elbasani
2. EU Enlargement Policy in the Balkans David Phinnemore Part 1: EU Enlargement and Contested States
3. Secessionism, Irredentism and EU Enlargement Rafael Bierman
4. Europeanization and State Building in Kosovo Dimitris Papadimitriou
5. Compliance without Governance: The Role of NGOs Adam Fagan

Part 2: EU Enlargement and Weak States
6. EU Conditionality and Cooperation with International Court of Justice in Serbia Jelena Stojanovic
7. Conditionality as a Transforming Power in Macedonia: Evidence from Electoral Mangement Jesicca Giandomenico
8. EU and Citizenship in Former Yugoslavia Igor Stick Part 3: Enlargement and Governance
9. Public Administration Reform in Albania Arolda Elbasani 10. The EU and Governance in South Eastern Europe Martin Mendelski
11. Conclusions Philippe Schmitte

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