European labour relations. Vol.1: Common features

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 0-7546-1541-3
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This is the first of two volumes and concentrates on the general features of the European system of labour relations. The book maintains that increasing economic, political and social change in Europe has led to a fundamental change in labour relations. As a result of this an aim of the book is to address the question of how far will integration go to guard cultural differences and identities.

The volume consists of 19 chapters contributed by academics from a range of European universities. Chapter titles include: Collective Bargaining; Wage Systems and Industrial Relations; The Form of Wages or the Composition of the Wage Package; European Human Resources Management; Total Quality - A Political Dilemma, Considerations from an Italian Perspective; The Ecological Challenge; Unemployment - Industrial Relation Failure and Labour Market Failure; Co-operatives; The Origins of the European Employment Strategy; Supranational Industrial relations in Europe - A Literature Survey; Labour Relations and Social Model - A Triadic Comparison; The European Trade Union Conference; The Employment Relationship on the Eve of the Twenty-First Century - Challenges for Trade Unions.

The book is aimed at students and academics of business administration, economics, sociology, labour law and organisational psychology.

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