European money trails

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Publication Date 1999
ISBN 90-5702-362-8
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European money trails:

'European money trails' is the extended version of a report commissioned by the European Documentation Research Network (EDRN), which was the first research project carried out by TRANSCRIME, the Research Group on Transnational Crime of the University of Trento.

The first part of the report explores the geography of organised criminal activity, the ways in which illegal proceeds are generated, the methods of laundering them and the international/regional legal framework that has developed in recent years to combat money laundering. The main body of the book provides detailed individual country profiles examining the interaction of criminal activity and policy in the fifteen EU countries. The third section also considers the countries of Eastern Europe, as they move closer to the EU. The final chapters of the work survey and summarise trends in criminal activity and the institutional arrangements to combat them, identifying the main policy challenges for the EU and proposing solutions.

By drawing on primary and other authoritative sources, this book provides a report on regional and national experiences of criminal organisation. It should prove especially useful to policy-makers, as well as to scholars seeking to understand the criminal dynamics that underlie sophisticated international offending.

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