European Parliament elections 2024 in Germany

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Information Guide focusing on the election for the European Parliament held in Germany on 9 June 2024, the preceding electoral campaign and its aftermath.

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This election takes place as part of the wider European Parliament elections held in June 2024 in the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU). Germany does not have an overriding threshold of the vote share required in order for a political party to win a set in the chamber. In the past, this has allowed a number of smaller parties to gain representation. The country is entitled to elect 96 members of the European Parliament.

The electoral campaign was marred by attacks against left-wing campaign workers while putting up posters. The rising popularity of the far-right was another pressing point of the campaign, similar to narratives across many other EU Member States. In this context, media outlets reported the collapse of relations between Germany's Alternative for Germany (AfD) and France's Rassemblement National (RN) - both part of the far-right Identity & Democracy (ID) - due to a further radicalisation of the AfD's discourse.

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