European Parliament’s Political Groups in Turbulent Times

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Publication Date 2022
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This open access book provides the first ever authoritative collection of scholarly insights, based upon original research, into the political groups of the European Parliament (EP) tackling the fundamental changes since the Lisbon Treaty and the upsurge of radical right parties.  It analyses political groups and their importance from multiple perspectives critically assessing their role and significance in EU politics.

Each chapter is authored by leading scholars in the field, working on key topics in relation to political groups: political group formation and function, their role in parliamentary and EU policy-making, the way that Eurosceptic MEPs influence (or not) the Parliament, and the nature and form of interactions with external actors. In doing so, each chapter opens hitherto unexplored ‘black boxes’ in the political work of the EP, such as the internal practices of, and power relations within the political groups, and informal arenas of intra-group decision-making.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: European Parliament’s Political Groups in Turbulent Times | Johanna Kantola, Anna Elomäki & Petra Ahrens
  • Negotiating Power and Democracy in Political Group Formation in the European Parliament | Petra Ahrens & Johanna Kantola
  • The Political Groups as Organisations: The Institutionalisation of Transnational Party Politics | Edoardo Bressanelli
  • Democratic Practices and Political Dynamics of Intra-Group Policy Formation in the European Parliament | Anna Elomäki, Barbara Gaweda & Valentine Berthet
  • Eurosceptic Contestation and Legislative Behaviour in the European Parliament | Tanja A. Börzel & Miriam Hartlapp
  • When Words Do Not Follow Deeds: An Analysis of Party Competition Between Centre-Right and Eurosceptic Radical-Right Parties in the European Parliament | Ariadna Ripoll Servent
  • How Do Eurosceptics Wage Opposition in the European Parliament? Patterns of Behaviour in the 8th Legislature | Nathalie Brack & Anne-Sophie Behm
  • Shaping the EU’s Future? Europarties, European Parliament’s Political Groups and the Conference on the Future of Europe | Karl Magnus Johansson & Tapio Raunio
  • (Disap)pointing in the Mirror: The European Parliament’s Obligations to Protect EU Basic Values in Member States and at EU Level | John Morijn
  • Parliamentary Politics and Polarisation Around Gender: Tackling Inequalities in Political Groups in the European Parliament | Johanna Kantola
  • ‘Ethno, Ethno, What?’: Using Ethnography to Explore the European Parliament’s Political Groups in Turbulent Times | Cherry Miller
  • Turbulent Times for the European Parliament’s Political Groups? Lessons on Continuity and Change | Anna Elomäki, Petra Ahrens & Johanna Kantola
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