European Space Policy. European integration and the final frontier

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Publication Date 2015
ISBN 978-1-13-802550-9 (Hbk)
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European Space Policy: European integration and the final frontier addresses developments in European space policy and their significance for European integration in terms of general institutional arrangements and decision-making through the ever closer cooperation between the ESA and the EU. In doing so, it addresses questions central to European studies with significant political dimension as it forms an interdisciplinary bridge between current research in space policy and contemporary European political studies. Key questions include:

• What can space policy contribute to European identity formation and the integration process?
• What are the interests of member states/EU institutions in space, and how do they frame them?
• How is space policy perceived by European institutions, and how have they been engaged in the policy process to promote activity in space?
• In which ways is the EU engaged in space, in terms of policy areas (foreign policy, single market, climate change etc.) and vis-à-vis other regional blocs?

It will be of key interest to scholars and actors in a range of policy areas including common foreign security policy, technology policy, transport policy and internal market.

+ Introduction: Space–Towards a European Space Policy? - Thomas Hoerber
SECTION 1 Methodology / Setting the space agenda
1 Historical background and context of space policy with regards to European integration - Thomas Hoerber
2 Approaches to analyzing European Space Policy: framing and other tools - Paul Stephenson

SECTION 2 Polity / Institutional Perspectives
3 The European Space Agency vis-à-vis the EU and its member states - Thomas Hoerber
4 The European Parliament - Emmanuel Sigalas
5 The Council - Harald Köpping
6 The European Commission - Paul Stephenson
7 The European Court of Justice

SECTION 3 Politics / Internal and External Perspectives:
8 The role of European industrialists in lobbying for space policy
9 Trans-European networks and the management of the single market area from space - Paul Stephenson
10 The European Metal Workers’ Federation and EU defence and space policies: framing or hegemony? - Iraklis Oikonomou
11 Contextualising EU space policy–US, Russian and Chinese space programmes - Bertrand de Montluc
12 Space as a field and tool of international relations - Veronica La Regina
13 Space policy meets the common foreign security policy - Geoffrey Edwards

SECTION 4 Policy Process / Implementing space policy
14 Public Private Partnership PPP and Galileo: PPPs in national and transnational contexts - Jakob Feyerer
15 Towards a EU Industrial Policy for the Space Sector – Lessons from Galileo - Rik Hansen
16 The role of Galileo satellite technology in the GMES for security, safety and environmental protection in EU maritime regions - Angela Carpenter
+ Conclusion: ‘To boldly go where no one has gone before: towards a European Space Strategy - Thomas Hoerber.

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