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A selection of significant recent EU documents and publications.:
Trade Policy Review. European Union:
The Trade Policy Review Mechanism (TPRM) was first established on a trial basis by the GATT Contracting Parties in April 1989. The Mechanism became a permanent feature of the World Trade Organisation under the Marrakesh Agreement which established the WTO in January 1995.

The objective of the TPRM is to contribute to improved adherence by all WTO members to rules, disciplines and commitments made under the Multilateral Trade Agreements by achieving greater transparency in, and understanding of, the trade policies and practices of members. The mechanism enables the regular collective appreciation and evaluation of the full range of individual member's trade policies and practices and their impact on the functioning of the multilateral trading system.

The four largest trading entities in terms of world market share, counting the European Union as one, are reviewed every two years, other member states less often. The WTO's Trade Policy Review conducted its fourth review of the EU's trade policies and practices in 1997 and this review has recently been published. Under new 'interim review' procedures the review concentrates on developments in the EU's trade policy of the last two years rather than, as in the past, an overall review of trading practices.

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ISBN: 92-870-1202-4
ISSN: 1014-7411
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