European Union cultural history: introducing the theory of ‘paradoxical coherence’ to start mapping a field of research

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Series Details Vol.40, No.1, January 2018, p1-16
Publication Date January 2018
ISSN 0703-6337
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In this article, the author reflects upon recent critical research on the sui generis-qualities of the European Union. He provides a proposal of theorizing European Union cultural history as a distinct field of research. So far, discourse has not been able to produce a conclusive theory of EU history.

In this context, the author provides research with a first theoretical concept of EU cultural history which keeps a critical distance from EU-biased perspectives, and, at the same time, tries to explain its cultural sui generis-qualities, by scrutinizing its distinct cultural constitution in post-1945 decades.

This distinct cultural constitution can be seen as having produced an own mode of the production of cultural meaning, which is supposed to be described theoretically by a concept of a ‘paradoxical coherence’.

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