European Union law, 7th ed.

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Publication Date 2012
ISBN 978-0-414-02296-6
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A revision and starter guide, presenting the essentials of European Union law in a clear and straightforward language.

Features such as diagrams and checklists make Nutshells easy to use, while the inclusion of model questions and answer plans help students test their knowledge. Nutshells are a useful revision aid and ideal for getting fully up to speed with a new subject.

+ Enables the reader to gain a concise overview of the subject’s major theories, developments, cases and legislation – ideal for when the reader is new to a subject or needs to brush up before exams

+ Content is more sophisticated than other revision titles, encouraging engagement with content rather than memorising cases

+ Key definitions, cases and legislation are boxed throughout – quickly get up to speed on a subject

+ A model question with answer plan is included at the end of each chapter to help students get top marks, including how to translate knowledge to exam performance, how to approach the question, how to structure the answer, pitfalls and how to avoid them

+ Diagrams throughout to visualise and reinforce complex points

+ Includes documents such as tables of cases and statutes, lists of exam tips and lists of web resources

+ The text is broken down into manageable bite-sized chunks and bullets to aid navigation, assimilation and retention of information

+ Each chapter opens with a short introduction to outline the key concepts covered and condense complex and important information – so that students know what they need to commit to memory by the end of the chapter

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