European Union port policy. The movement towards a long-term strategy

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Publication Date 2002
ISBN 1-84376-093-2
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The book sets out to examine the progress towards a European Union port policy in the 1990s. It presents and analyses the implications of a wide range of EU policy developments aiming to promote the competitiveness of the European port industry within the context of a long-term sustainable mobility strategy.

A common EU-wide port policy has not yet been achieved, but the authors of this book argue that it has a major role to play in European integration and that its significance in this context is set to increase. The book assesses the progress that has been made towards a comprehensive policy framework, reviewing the impact of both historical and contemporary policy initiatives - such as the recent 'port package' - before forecasting expected developments in policy making and the prospects of successfully achieving a single port policy.

The authors are both academics in maritime universities in Greece.

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