Europeans feel diplomatic heat over Palestine

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Article reports that as President Mahmoud Abbas pressed his argument for Palestinian statehood at the UN in September 2011, many western states were feeling the diplomatic heat. But none more so than the four European governments on the UN Security Council; France, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The US had already made clear it would veto a move by the Security Council to give the Palestinians statehood. Several other states – including Russia, China, Lebanon, Brazil, South Africa and India – were all likely to vote in favour.

The four Europeans, however, were caught in the middle. As one European diplomat put it: 'They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they back the US, they will upset relations with the Arab world that they have worked hard to develop. If they vote with the Palestinians, they will add one more burden to an already troubled transatlantic relationship'.

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