Europeans First!: Petruhhin, an Unexpected Revolution in Extradition Law

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Series Details Volume 25, Number 3, Pages 195-204
Publication Date 2017
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With its decision in the case of Petruhhin, the Court took a surprising step that will have unprecedented consequences in the field of extradition law. Extradition law? Is that within the competence of the Court? It is especially the unexpected expansion of the protection of EU citizens in relation with third states that qualifies the Petruhhin judgment as a revolutionary decision.

A decision that might have an impact as impressive as the groundbreaking decision of the European Court of Human Rights in Soering v. United Kingdom in 1989. The consequences will be felt first in extradition relationships, but potentially in several other areas of international cooperation with third states, such as transfer of judgments and transfer of proceedings.

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