Europe’s near abroad. Promises and prospects of the EU’s neighbourhood policy

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Publication Date 2008
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In the context of the enlargements of 2004 and 2007 the European Union needed a concept for the future relationship with its new neighbours. The result was the development of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). In return for sharing European values and effectively implementing political, economic and institutional reforms, the EU offers economic incentives and closer ties to its eastern and southern neighbours. The ambitious objective of promoting stability, security and prosperity beyond its own borders raises questions about the Union's intentions, means and likely success.

This volume analyses the logic and institutional origins of the ENP and provides a critical assessment of the promises and prospects of the EU's broader neighbourhood policies. It does so both from an issue-oriented perspective (e.g. security, visa policy, trade, aid, human rights, good governance) and a regional standpoint: eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Western Balkans and Russia.

Foreword: New Neighbours - New Challenges? - Dieter Mahncke and Sieglinde Gstöhl

Part I: Introduction
1. The Logic of EU Neighbourhood Policy - Dieter Mahncke
2. The ENP in Interinstitutional Competition: An Instrument of Leadership for the Commission? - Jérémie Pélerin

Part II: Issues
3. Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance: Learning from Experience? - Andrea Maier
4. Exporting Stability or Importing Problems? The EU's Security Policy towards its Near Abroad - Ruth Seitz
5. EU Visa Policy: Squaring the Circle of Neighbourhood and JHA Objectives - Kevin O'Connell
6. Blurring Economic Boundaries? Trade and Aid in the EU's Near Abroad - Sieglinde Gstöhl

Part III: Regions
7. Implementing the Neighbourhood Policy in the East: The Case of Ukraine - Judith Bürger
8. From EMP to ENP: Saving the Southern Periphery from Marginalisation? - Daniele Marchesi
9. Belarus and Libya: Wider Europe's 'Pariahs'? - Mathieu Briens
10. Stabilising the Western Balkans through the 'Membership Bait' - Time for New Strategies? - Ilija Talev
11. The EU and Russia: Strategic or Short-sighted Partnership? - Anna-Lena Högenauer and Michael Friedel

Part IV: Conclusion
12. The EU as a Norm Exporter? - Sieglinde Gstöhl

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