Ever closer union. An introduction to European integration. 2nd edition

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Publication Date 1999
ISBN 0-333-73242-1
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Written in an accessible style, the author cuts through the complexities of the European Union to explain the evolution of European integration from the 1950s to the present. This second edition retains the three-part structure of the first edition history, institutions and policies - but includes two new chapters. The first is on key developments in the 1993-1999 period, notably the 1995 enlargement, the 1996-1997 intergovernmental conference and ensuing Amsterdam Treaty, and preparations for the next enlargement into Central and Eastern Europe. The second is on the increasingly complicated political and economic relationship between the world's leading trading powers, the United States and the EU. The chapter on Economic and Monetary Union has been thoroughly revised and covers the road to the single European currency.

Other new material that has been included are short chronologies in the history chapters, synopses of major treaties, results of key referenda and charts of institutional structures and decision-making procedures.

This text is part of the European Union Series.
Desmond Dinan is associate professor in the Institute for Public Policy at George Mason University, visiting fellow at the Netherlands institute of International Relations, Clingendael and is editor of the Encyclopedia of the European Union.

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