Ex post evaluation of the 2017 European Capitals of Culture (Pafos and Aarhus)

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Report presented on 11 June 2019 by the European Commission evaluating the results of the European Capital of Culture event of 2017 in Cyprus and Denmark.

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Decision No 1622/2006/EC establishing a Community Action for the European Capital of Culture event for the years 2007 to 2019 provides that the Commission undertakes each year an external and independent evaluation of the results of the European Capital of Culture event of the previous year, and reports on that evaluation to the relevant EU Institutions and bodies.

The findings and methodology of the ex post evaluation are presented more comprehensively in the accompanying Staff Working Document.


Since the launch – at intergovernmental level – of the European City of Culture in 1985, the scheme grew into a fully-fledged EU Action in 1999. Cities which were designated as ECOC for the years up to 2019 were regulated by Decision No 1622/2006/EC. The scheme is currently governed by Decision No 445/2014/EU.

The ECOC Action is designed to highlight the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe and the features they share, thereby encouraging a greater mutual understanding among European citizens. It is also meant to stimulate a long-term culture-based development of cities in the broader perception of the term, which entails socio-economic impacts, strengthening of cooperation between cultural operators, artists and cities in Europe, as well as local (and foreign) citizens' involvement and participation in culture.

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