Explaining German’s Exceptional Recovery

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Publication Date May 2018
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Introduction by Dalia Marin
Part I: The institution of industrial relations

1 From sick man of Europe to economic superstar: Germany's resurgence and the lessons for Europe by Christian Dustmann, Bernd Fitzenberger, Uta Schoenberg, and Alexandra Spitz-Oener

2 The flexibilisation of German industrial relations by Lucio Baccaro

Part II: Globalisation and technology

3 Global value chains, product quality, and the rise of Eastern Europe by Dalia Marin

4 The China shock and the rise of robots: Why Germany is different by Jens Suedekum

5 Science, research, and innovation in Germany: 2000 to 2017 by Dietmar Harhoff and Monika Schnitzer

Part III: The current account surplus

6 Germany's current account surplus and corporate investment by Guntram B. Wolff

7 Germany did not pursue fiscal devaluation by Fabio Ghironi and Benjamin Weigert

Part IV: The role of history

8 Germany: The reluctant leader of the euro area by Charles Wyplosz

9 The Franco-German relationship by Harold James

10 Voting for the far right in Germany by Davide Cantoni, Felix Hagemeister and Mark Westcott


VoxEU.org is a policy portal set up by the Centre for Economic Policy Research in conjunction with a consortium of national sites, including the Italian site LaVoce, the French site Telos and the Spanish site Sociedad Abierta. Vox aims to promote research-based policy analysis and commentary by leading scholars. The intended audience is economists in governments, international organisations, academia and the private sector as well as journalists specialising in economics, finance and business.Germany’s transformation from the ‘sick man of Europe’ in the 1990s to its world leadership of global exports today is an astounding phenomenon. Intrinsically linked to Eastern European trade liberalization, Germany’s newly-decentralised firm structures and labour markets flourished in building production networks that have proven remarkably resilient.

This eBook explains Germany’s extraordinary recovery. The authors’ central focus was the transformation of the country’s industrial relations, which decentralised wage bargaining and in turn decreased labour costs while increasing competitiveness.

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