Exploring the potential of maritime spatial planning in the Mediterranean Sea

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The primary objective of this study has been to examine the feasibility of applying maritime spatial planning (MSP) in the Mediterranean as a whole, analyse obstacles to MSP and suggest potential actions forward for its concrete application in the Mediterranean as a whole as well as in its specific sub-regions or sea areas.

The study outcomes are expected to form the basis for launching a test project in the Mediterranean and for encouraging concrete cross-border/international practices as announced in the Commission’s Communication ‘Towards an Integrated Maritime Policy for better governance in the Mediterranean’.

In order to reach this objective, the study consisted of five key tasks:
− Task 1: Review of previous experiences and initiatives;
− Task 2: Establish the elements that should be taken into consideration for the identification and characterisation of potential areas for the application of MSP;
− Task 3: Description of the areas with potential for the application of MSP in the Mediterranean together with a listing of the relevant stakeholders;
− Task 4: Analysis of the potential obstacles and difficulties for MSP application in the Mediterranean Sea basin;
− Task 5: Identify specific aspects of the application of the ten key principles for MSP as described in the Roadmap.

Beside a final report, in which all five tasks are incorporated, country reports were drafted for each country bordering the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, four case study reports are provided containing detailed information on the activities taking place in four specific regions within the Mediterranean Sea, the competition between these activities and the circumstances relevant for MSP application.

Source Link http://ec.europa.eu/maritimeaffairs/documentation/studies/study_msp_med_en
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