External Perceptions of the European Union as a Global Actor

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Publication Date 2011
ISBN 978-0-415-48100-7 (Hbk)
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This book examines how the European Union (EU) is perceived beyond its borders in the US; the Middle East: Israel, Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Iran; Russia; China; India; Brazil and South Africa. The book also analyses the main perceptions of the EU in some key international institutions, including the World Bank; World Trade Organization, United Nations, African Union; and transnational actors, including non-Western media such as Al Jazeera. It seeks to provide an analysis of the implications that these perceptions might have for the global role of the EU.

By taking this approach and by providing both conceptual and empirical arguments, the volume provides a perspective on the analysis of the EU as a global actor. It also strengthens a research agenda on the EU external image: an underdeveloped area of investigation in which the editors and the main contributors to this volume have played a role in the past few years.

It will be of interest to academics and students of international politics, European studies and development studies.


1. Introduction – The EU in the Eyes of the Others: Why bother? Sonia Lucarelli and Lorenzo Fioramonti

Part 1: Great powers, Conflict Areas and Emerging Markets
2. American Perceptions of the EU: Through a Glass, Darkly or Through the Looking Glass? Jim Sperling
3. Eastern Giants: The EU in the Eyes of Russia and China Mara Morini, Roberto Peruzzi and Arlo Poletti
4. Taking the Lead: EU Mediation Role Assessed by Iran and Lebanon Ruth Hanau Santini, Raffaele Mauriello, Lorenzo Trombetta
5. Between Attraction and Resistance: Israeli views of the European Union Sharon Pardo
6. Conflict and Hope: The EU in the Eyes of Palestine Simona Santoro and Rami Nasrallah
7. The Emerging ‘Global South’: The EU in the Eyes of India, Brazil and South Africa Gerrit Olivier and Lorenzo Fioramonti
8. So Far, So Close? Mexico’s Views of the EU Alejandro Chanona

Part 2: International Organizations, Regional Institutions and the Media
9. Partnership in Peril? Images and Strategies in EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreement Negotiations Ole Elgstrom
10. Aid, Trade and Development: World Bank’s Views on the EU’s Role in the Global Political Economy Eugenia Baroncelli
11. The EU through the Eyes of the United Nations: The Quest for Unity Franziska Brantner
12. Regional Partners? Perceptions and Criticisms at the African Union Daniela Sicurelli
13. Non-Western Media and the EU: Perspectives from Al Jazeera Donatella Della Ratta
14. Close Enough? The EU’s Global Role Described by Non-European Diplomats in Brussels Caterina Carta
15. Conclusions - Self-Representations and External Perceptions: Can the EU Bridge the Gap? Lorenzo Fioramonti and Sonia Lucarelli

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